Friday, December 19, 2008

checking off #61 on my list of things to do…

Today is a big day. This evening is the stage set-up for our “Christmas Crescendo” production.

Shortly I will leave for Starbucks to work.

My ancient Thunderbird is already packed to the gills with multiple bolts of material, a box of Christmas ornaments, a huge box of white trees, two huge pink stuffed dogs, box of chiffon, Christmas lights, a newly purchased clothes rack and other various and assorted stage props.

I have a bag packed with a change of clothes, since I will have to head directly from Starbucks and head to Eagle Ridge Middle School to coordinate the efforts of about 10-12 people. We will have 3 hours to go from zero to full stage set.

Next, I need to add my camera and computer, work bag. I have print-outs of details how to do each piece of the set, so each team will know what to do when we start.
Oh yes, and my pPod bag.

The weather man is calling for snow Saturday evening and Sunday morning.
Life as stage designer for a mobile church is interesting to say the least.

And now it is time to pause and pray again…

I really need a bigger car for my rolling storage closet.

What are your preparations for this Sunday’s service?

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