Sunday, December 7, 2008

this is going to hurt like....

Every now and again we use a specially chosen secular song to highlight a thought or message.
We strongly feel it is a connecting piece for skeptics.

This week we had a dramatic action piece of Lazarus on his death bed. We used the song Hold On Sarah MacLachlan. We did edit the lyrics a bit at the beginning and the end, dropping hell from the following line.

Hold on
Hold on to yourself
For this is gonna hurt… (like hell)

It was amazingly poignant and powerful.

I appreciate being part of a creative team and worship team that puts very careful thought to the words of each and every song that is used for worship and in service.
We also struggle with which Christmas songs to use during worship. But with prayer and careful thought, God leads us to just the correct songs to use. We ended with "O Come All Ye Faithful". It was so joyful and really kicked it with the message. We have to go through the death to experience ressurection.

Instrumental Opener

Worship Set 1
Oh, Praise Him (David Crowder)

Welcome and Greet
Worship Set 2
Glory in the Highest (Chris Tomlin)
Amazed (Lincoln Brewster)

Drama: Lazarus
With special music Hold On Sarah MacLachlan
Message: When God Weeps (series Band Aids for Bullet Holes)

Worship Set 3
O Come All Ye Faithful (in house version)

Do you use secular music in your service?

This is part of Fred McKinnon’s Sunday Set List #20 Carnival where worship leaders and simply worshippers share what they are singing to praise God each week.


johnnysierra said...

Awesome setlist! Once in a while we will use a secular song for a drama or even in our worship set. We try not to do to many. Some of our people have made some secular songs a part of there lives before they were in Christ that we don't want to remind them of there past with secular songs, or bring back memories of those times. But it depends on the culture of your church. Some respond well than others. But it is all for the Glory of God. How did "Oh praise Him" by David Crowder go? That is an awesome song.

Anonymous said...

As always, I enjoy reading your comments about your worship experiences. Sounds like a great service!

hppenterprises said...

Thanks for sharing, Dororthy - we ended up using "O Come", as well, as you may have read on my blog.


Steff said...

I really like Glory in the Highest and Amazed 2 great songs! We did "Oh Come" also, its a good Christmas song that you can really worship to.

lk said...

Comments are so useful. Thanks!

I have used a secular song in the past, but I'm always very cautious about the HOW. Such great ideas though...helps with good creative thinking to see what others are doing and how it works for them.