Friday, December 12, 2008

why did the chicken...

From space to breathe * room to grow

" day I noticed that my chickens and my congregation both react to change in much the same way.

Each day, we move our floorless pasture pens forward eight feet, providing access to fresh grass.
The birds learn they must walk as the pen is pulled forward. Even so, several factors determine their willingness to cooperate.
One factor is my own anxiety level. If I am anxious for the chickens to hurry, they sense it and do the opposite. If I jerk or kick the pen or yell, they stand still or crowd into a corner, making movement impossible. But if I remain patient and calm, they walk together rather well.
Even then, there's a wide range of response to this daily change. A few birds rush to the front of the pen as soon as the pulling chain is attached anticipating the new clover and bugs to come. A larger group hangs back to watch the early birds, and moves only when the pen moves. About a third of them delay a bit longer, until the movement is well underway; another third delays until there seems no choice but move ahead or get run over.
Inevitably, a group remains along the rear wall of the pen, staring backwards."
~ Jeff Hawkins "Tending or Processing?"

So true.

Which chicken are you?

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