Monday, December 29, 2008

XC set-up and pre-service...

A couple people commented and asked about what we call our pre-service; so I thought I'd share a little more about how our weekends run. Starting with set-up, our pre-service and then break down.
Particularly since we are a mobile church, we have to roll in and completely set up on Saturday and break down on Sunday.

So a typical weekend for us:

Saturday 8:00 a.m. to 11:45 a.m.

On Saturday morning, the weekend experience teams usually arrive about 8:00 a.m.
This time is used for set up and rehearsals.

The truck arrives and everyone helps unload the truck. Another truck is out dropping off the free standing directional signs.
Then everyone chips in and hauls in the various equipment from our rolling storage units (read "our cars").

Band: Sets up their equipment, instruments (including the drum kit), etc. They work with the tech team and set up the amps, monitors, mics, etc.

Tech Team: Set up all the monitors, mics. Set up and prep the light board, sound board, projection system and computer. Set up the t.v. monitors in the lobby.

Flip't Ministries: Haul out all the (huge) rolling cabinets and equipment and set up in their rooms. I think they have five different age groups/rooms.

Stage set crew (pPod): Amongst all this madness, the stage set team, gets out the 15 foots ladder and starts hanging cloth or whatever the design is for the weekend.

Then we start rehearsals: tech and otherwise. pPod is often still working around the band.

Also add into the mix that we often have either a dramatic element or dance element. They are included in the Saturday morning call and subsequent practicing on stage. We have to leave promptly at 11:45.

Sunday morning anywhere between 6:30-7:30'ish:

Everybody arrives, we do any last minute touch ups and start rehearsals again.
The connections team is setting up in the lobby while we are rehearsing.
Flip't ministries is setting up the last minute touches and sign in tables.

Sunday: 9:15 Pre-service

Everyone stops and goes to pre-service. Pre-service is for the leadership and teams (children's ministry, connections and food team, etc.) working that particular weekend. It's a time of worship (15 mins.), the pastor gives a very short recap (10 mins.) of what his message is going to be) and we pray (15-20 mins.).
Granted the worship team and pastor still have to "work", but it's a lot more relaxed atmosphere. Each week it varies who we pray for, this week it was for the people worshipping with us today (particularly the skeptics), the children's ministries (who were starting a new series on sin), the tech team and our pastor.
Even if I am not serving that weekend, I'll often join in. It always great, leaders are seemingly always ready to step into worship and prayer. The pray is the most amazing part. If we have communion that Sunday, we also partake then.

Then we re-set if needed, work out any kinks.

Hang-time: 10:00 -10:25

Each Sunday our Connections team, set up a breakfast bar. It opens at 10:00. So when people arrive at 10:00 they are able to sign -in their children, grab a bit to eat and some Starbucks coffee (of course) and hang out a little bit.

Connections team members greet at the outside doors, help guests get settled in.

Often the teams serving on the weekend worship experience are lucky enough to get out for "hang-time".

Go time 10:20:

The doors open at 10:20, everyone is in their places, the count-down starts and then it's go time....
Also as people enter the auditorium, we have Connection team member located in each quadrant of the auditorium. They look for new faces, greet them, help them get situated, answer any questions. This works really well.

We usually end the service around 12:00, and after a little hang time; we break it all down again, stuff it in our little corner (see pictures) and load up our cars and the truck.

So there you have it. This is how we operate almost every single week of the year. But we are grateful that we have the building on Saturdays. When Cross Current first started, they only had the school building on Sunday mornings and often had to be there as early as 4:30 - 5:00 a.m.

What are the nuts and bolts of your set-ups and rehearsals?

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