Monday, December 1, 2008

simple band aid box...

The series is "Band-Aids for Bullet Holes".
The box was so simple to make. We took a high resolution picture of a bandaid box and had it printed onto a large piece of foam core (it is VERY expensive to do this). It is partially cut along the edge and then propped up. It is free standing. It is only the image of these two sides showing, just placed strategically on stage.

I had to sort of laugh. I was out of town when our team did this. I personally would have opted for the far less expensive option of just printing out the picture and then using tacky glue and glue it onto a piece of cardboard. Say $20 vs. $200 bucks (I'm guess-timating here).
Oh, and learn.

NUGGET: One thing I have learned...when you are gluing with paper, tacky glue and cardboard you will initially be concerned about it the lines showing through. Don't worry about it. The little ridges you see up close won't show at all when they are dry and when viewed from a distance.
Just use lots of little lines of glue, paying special attention to the edges.

The tie in: This is a multi-week mini-series. As you are able to see here; we also had a large band-aid printed on foam core (front and center in front of the stage).

Last week, during the worship service we had people come forward and write the names of people they would like the church to pray for, sometimes with a brief explanation of the situation.

What was really cool. The kids ministry also did the same thing. If you look to the far right of the stage, you will see they created their own small version of the bandaid with names written on it.

We also had a take-away bandaid for everyone on the first Sunday. People were to write the name of someone their are praying for on the band aid and wear it as a visual reminder.

The follow-up was this week. What was super cool-was our pastor shared some of the answers to specific prayers. One was a job for someone who had been out of work for a couple months, another was a break through in a very troubled marriage. That was so powerful to share the answer prayers and to be able to praise God for those answers.

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