Wednesday, March 4, 2009

who made God...

Got a facebook message from a dear friend, who used to be in my youth group... Calib .... my 4 year old asks me yesterday - mommy who made God? He said if God made us then someone had to make God. I couldn't figure out how to answer him. I said I would have to think about that b/c it was kind of a hard question to answer and I would get back to him.!!!!! Please? Thanks. love ya!

So, what would you say?

No one made, because God has always been around. Forever, and ever. That's the coolest thing about God. It's kind of like how we can look at the sky and never see the end of it...There was never a beginning to God and never will be an end to God. (Alpha and Omega) Everything else has a beginning and an end. Does that help?

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