Tuesday, March 10, 2009

mickey mouse evangelism (fantastic attention to detail)...

Have you ever been to Disney? One of the greatest customer service experiences ever!

Did you know: each evening, after the guests leave the Magic Kingdom, someone quiet and unknown looks at all the hitching posts on Main St. They strip the paint off and then paint the posts so that it will dry over night.

That way when the guests arrive in the morning, each and every hitching post will be perfect and not a chip in sight.

Honestly, I don’t know if this detail is true or not. But, I choose to believe it is.

This story about the attention to details in the parks is told in a really great book Inside the Magic Kingdom, Seven Keys to Disney’s Success by Tom Connellan. I highly recommend this book.

Very few people would know that little detail, or doubtful that the guests are even aware of this phenomenon; but it’s that attention to details, the importance of things unseen that add to the guests overall experience.

Often these little things blend in and become unseen…particularly if we are dealing with them week in and week out.

For us, one of those details is the media cart on which our monitors sit, which feeds the worship service into the lobby.

When they first started at the middle school, they wrapped it with what they happened to have on hand at the time. Two black round table clothes which were safety pinned around the cart. Interesting. Honestly...didn’t notice it until I helped set up.
Enter Emily Firestone to save they day.
Emily is a person who loves to sew; what a blessing she has been in the month she has started helping us out. One, I don’t have the time but more importantly I don’t have the talent. (seriously, I staple hems) AND most importantly of all, it offers Emily a place to serve with her talents…sewing.

Always listen, always look, pay fantastic attention to the details and think out side of the box.

There are always ways to improve the professional look of the every day items we use in our weekend service.
Things that people don’t notice, but scream “tacky” to someone. It’s that attention to details that I think we often overlook.
Take a walk this week (or on Sunday if you are mobile) and look at the overall experience as seen through the eyes of a first time guest.
I look forward to sharing more on Mickey Mouse evangelism...but today I ask

What details are you able to see that need some fantastic attention?

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