Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday Set List //35// moments...

Today was one of those unbelievable days of worship. Totally rocked it out...

Worship Set 1
Amazing Love (100% rocked out! LOVED it!)

Welcome & Greet

Worship Set 2
You Are My God (edit: was trying to find out the info on this song and found out that it was written by our own Josh Sampson.)
Thank You for Loving Me

Message: Lordship of Christ (pt. 5) Guest speaker

Worship Set 3
From the Inside Out
The Stand

By the third set, we wouldn't stop. People wouldn't stop singing!

I must add; every six weeks or so, we have Josh Sampson (on electric guitar in the photos) join the worship team. He is an extraordinary worship leader. He adds the most amazing tweaks to songs that only come from God. He is able to create these "moments" in the worship music, that create a space where the Holy Spirit is able to come in and fill. It is difficult to explain, but truly inspiring to be in those moments. There were multiply moments this morning!

Sadly we haven't had any creative elements in the last 5 weeks, except the stage design. Which was fun to do. Particularly since God kept giving me more things to do with this specific element. This week on the stage design, I was going to pull the red cloth out even further, but our front rows actually get filled up. So I had to settle for only reaching it out to cover the first row.
I always find it interesting to hear what impressions people are given by the stage designs.
I create what God puts in my mind. I recognise that every bit of this comes from Him, not me.

Did you have any of those "moments" today?

This is part of a gathering of worship leaders (and worshippers) at Fred McKinnon's blog. Come sahre your Sunday Set List this week.


Justin said...

stage design!
i'd love to see it!
:) great set

Thank you for loving me?
by david crowder?

steff said...

As always great job on the stage design. I love "From the inside out" great song. The people wouldn't stop singing! Wow that is so great!