Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sunday Set List //33// let's worship....

Well, the sun forgot to set it’s clock last night. So dark this morning. But I thought of all of you across the world waking up early, with less sleep and ready to lead God’s people in worship and I prayed.
Today I got to sit in as producer. Learning the ropes and enjoying it. But an easy service to produce.
Spent a lot of time in prayer this morning.

Worship Set 1
All Bow Down
Famous One

W & G Announcements

Bridge: This time the set design inspired the worship sets this week. Our worship leader saw the design (last week) ...

and started thinking about red carpets and how we will readily roll out the carpet for human beings, movie stars and put them on a pedestal. We don’t often do that for Christ. Today we worshiped Jesus the Christ, who sits upon the throne…

Come back on Thursday and see how we did this set design and share your creative elements for worship at the creative fuZion lab.
Worship Set 2
I See The Lord
Glory in the Highest


Worship Set 3
Indescribable (reprise Famous One Chorus)

Everything was tight.
A couple of high lights:
Our sound tech the violinist with a countryman. Something the techs experimented with last week with the viola. The sound was superb. The violin soared.
Unbelievable transition from Indescribable and Famous One.

This is part of Sunday Set List 33 at Fred McKinnon's blog...check out what others sang to worship God today...

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