Friday, March 13, 2009

gotta love facebook....

So, something really cool has happened over the last two days.

Got a facebook friend request, friended them, checked out their friends and found a friend from high school. We hung out in several of the same circles and just reconnected.

Now, I must confess I have lost track of everyone from high school. It was so long ago (Class of 1975 OMGoodness that's 35 years ago. Yes, I am that young), our h.s. was in the Canal Zone (as in the Panama Canal Zone).

Even after attending a high school reunion in 1999.

Then up pops Don Godwin. What I find is so cool is he is currently pastor of a new church start in Baja, CA. HRC Blog ministers to in his words a "skeptic petri dish". It has been neat catching up with him. Messages have been flying back and forth today! It is so great to find so who is passionate about the skeptics. All this and he has a Starbucks "Gold" card.
Back then we were called Jesus freaks.
facebook, twitter, media. Gotta love it!

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