Tuesday, March 3, 2009

three cheers!!!

So, I just got a package in the mail this morning. From the awesome Kim Bontrager, for winning a contest on her blog.
When I won, I told her I would share with my creative team.
She sent peanut m&m's and twzzlers.
But the best part was she sent a personal note, which really made my day.
We know how important saying thank you is. But, we often forgot how important.

Just this weekend I wrote notes and gave small little gifts to those who have been helping me out this year and those who are considering helping out on our ENHANCE team.
They were so tickled. So many of us are doing this for God. it nice to know we are appreciated!
Thank you Kim for making my day!
Thank you to my team members for making my year!
Thank you God for letting me serve you in this awesome way!
BTW, the snacks were delightful, the fuZe team was greatful and gobbled them up.

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