Wednesday, January 7, 2009

vicar of vibe...

I made a decision years ago…
I am very called to walk with the skeptic, pierced, tattooed and disenfranchised (read: mostly younger) unbelievers of this world.
Everything I do is filtered through this calling.
It is why I fb. It is why I have a cell phone and txt.
It’s why I watch the most popular youtube vid’s, like “Charlie the Unicorn” (very popular with junior high – college age)
I listen to hard rock radio stations. (it’s what all my younger 20 something’s listen to)
I watch reality tv. In fact, I try to watch very new show (on broadcast tv) at least once. I track the most popular shows, like sytycd, Survivor, LOST, C.S.I., etc.
I have connections on deviantart.
I check out simworlds.
I turned down a full time job with my church, because it didn’t fit my giftings and more importantly it would have taken time away from hanging outside of Starbucks where I meet my skeptics.
Then I take all these experiences and try to design worship elements that will connect with these people. As long as it glorifies God, of course.
There are plenty of experiences at many churches that connect with the believer.
I want to reach the lost. Period.
It’s just what I do; it’s what I am called to do….

What are you called to do?


Anonymous said...

This is amazing. What you've written here, and more importantly, what you're actually LIVING, is incredibly inspiring. I don't know how to answer your question for myself. And now you've motivated me to do some delving. Thank you!

dorothy (vicar of vibe) said...

@kim: Thank you. It's been a process to become laser focused on my calling in life. I often tease I don't understand why God has called me to this, but He has. I mean, I am almost 52 and a grandmother of 4. But the skeptics accept me (with full knowledge that I am a strong passionate follower of Christ; I suppose because I accept them where there are at.
I've read your blog several times and am saddened about your hiatus, but I understand. You have an important voice in the blog world, so I await patiently and I am adding you to my list of links. I don't add a lot of blogs, but I really relate to yours. God has blessed you with an amazingly creative mind.
I will be praying for you, specifically that you come back with renewed passion. If you don't mind, keep me informed how your journey is going. I care and am interested.