Saturday, January 10, 2009

postcards from eternity...

So, yesterday setting up was an insane day. Almost everything that could go wrong, went wrong.
But the worship experience today was incredible.

Sunday Set List from Cross Current Ministries

Worship Set 1
All We Need

Welcome & Greet

Worship Set 2
All Creatures of Our God and King
Send Your Rain

Drama- Postcards from Eternity (script)...continues (scene 3)

(visual backdrop projected on the screen for the drama)
(details of how it all relates together)

Scene Three – in front of White Stone Bakery.
It represents the Church at Pergamum
Experiential element: baking bread in bread machines during the worship service. Prop: Is the baking bread and we handed out cinnamon bread during the message for everyone to eat.

Mini- Message- The message relates how the letters to Pergamum and Thyatira reveals Christ's identity to us now.

Drama- Postcards from Eternity (script) (scene 4)
(details of how it all relates together)

(visual backdrop projected on the screen for the drama)
Scene 4 on the steps of a courthouse
Represents: Thyatira:
Prop: scepter/gavel

Mini - Message on Thyatira

Worship Set 3
Till I See You

Well, I also have to mention that I woke up dreaming of white stones. When the fog cleared I realized that I needed a white stone for a prop (long story). So I texted my son and asked him to ask my grandson if gramma could borrow this big white quartz rock for church today. So, here is the newest addition to my pPod team.

He solemnly brought in his rock to share during worship. He placed it on the prop table and we explained that the pastor would use it in his sermon.

And after worship he came to pick up his rock again. Now, I know who to contact if I need rocks. He has a fine collection.

Man, I love what I do...

Tell me a little about yourself. Name of your church and where is your church located?

This is submitted to the Sunday Set List blog carnival at Fred McKinnon's blog. Go and check out this group of worship leaders from all over the world.


Fred McKinnon said...

Hey Dorothy,
Thanks for posting! I want some of that cinnamon bread!

For the Kingdom,
Fred McKinnon

dorothy (vicar of vibe) said...

The cinnamon bread was delicious...

Louise Knight said...

Where's mine?

I love reading what you guys are up to each Sunday. I'd love to introduce a little more arts, especially drama to our worship but as a full time outside of church worker, it's just not possible.

I also love what I do...!

You already know a little about me. Our church is Jeffreys Bay Baptist - very original - and we're on the Eastern Coast of South Africa. We're a membership of 115 and have around 90 or so adherents. We have a VERY different congregation over the holidays, as folks come to the beach from all over the country.

dorothy (vicar of vibe) said...

Hey Loiuse,
I still have some cinnamon bread sitting on the counter in my kitchen...
Everyone is welcome to come on by...

johnnysierra said...

Great setlist! My church is called Potter's house Christian Church located in Orlando, Fl. Check out my Sunday setlist.

Steff said...

Wow! I bet you got a great response! Fresh baked cinnamon bread during the sermon, I'm in!

Adorable little rock collector you have there.

David said...

I'll join the Cinnamon bread appreciation society...mmmm

Haven't read your set list posts before - love that you put into practice what your bio says Dorothy :-)

As you'd know from my blog, I'm in Sydney Australia, our church is growing rapidly and we expect to be 500 by mid year - so we have planning & training to do to prepare us for that next step of moving to large church mentality (I'm on the Board as well).

God bless you, I look forward to catching up with how you're worshipping through the year!

Russell Martin said...

Just wanted to say I love looking at your blog and reading your stories and gleaning ideas. I have forwarded your blog to some of our members who have just begun working to decorate our stage area.