Saturday, January 10, 2009

Saturday in the life of (vicar of vibe)….

Well, Saturday is our set up day at Eagle Ridge Middle School.
Here is how my day went…

Packed up my laptop, camera, pPod bag, projection system and purse. Got to church at 8:15 this morning.

Someone handed me a bread machine. YIPPEE! Thank you Jan.
I was supposed to have two of them dropped off at the church on Tuesday. Didn’t happen. YIPES!
The person that was going to bring the second one today, blood pressure shot up really high and her doctor told her NOT to do anything today. MERCY! Pray for Martha.
Someone volunteers that they have a bread machine (from the worship team). YIPPEE! Thank you Trish. She will bring hers AND go get the one from the lady who isn’t feeling well. Oh, she runs the Media Shout.

I may have to back up the media team tomorrow. YIPES! I’ve never used Media Shout.

Someone hands me 6 bread mixes. YIPPEE! Was supposed to bring them Tuesday so I could make the practice loaf and prepared prop loaf. YIPES! Thank you Greg and Mel.

Someone came in and handed me, I don’t know, about 12 loaves of cinnamon raisin bread. YIPPEE! Thank you dear pregnant Melissa.
Tuesday our pastor decided he wanted to be able to pass out pieces of bread to people during the message. Great idea, just not on Tuesday. YIPES!
Cinnamon bread in hand. O.k., what are we going to pass that in. Hadn’t thought about that. YIPES! Got to go shopping after set up then. Oh, and who is going to serve it? YIPES! Let the pastor worry about that tomorrow, I’m baking bread.

Someone asked if I brought the table. Noooo…
We had discussed using a bistro table and chairs for the bakery drama during our fuZe team meeting on Tuesday. I mentioned I knew someone who had one. I didn’t commit to it (no way), not the way my week was going).
Well, so they ask if it is possible to get one today…
Let’s see there is a Starbucks close by and I just happened to train (Starbucks training) the manager there. So, I leave church go to Starbucks. Starbucks store often borrow things from each other. When I get there, I tell Stephanie she could never guess in a million years what I want to borrow. She replies I can’t have any white mocha. Lol. So, I get on my knees to beg Stephanie if she would “lend” me one of the Starbucks outside tables and a chair. I promised to have it back by 1:00 pm tomorrow.
She laughed and said I was right, she NEVER would have guessed I wanted to borrow a table.
Thankfully, she said yes and I loaded it up in my Escape and took it back to the church. Thank you Stephanie.

While I was traveling, I connected with one of my pPod members to check and see if she had bought the gravel we needed as a prop. She hadn’t yet, so we discussed all the possibilities of getting a gavel looking prop that didn’t cost a lot of money.
I had already made a couple of shopping trips with no luck yet. I was grateful when she volunteered to shop for me. She said she would find something (even if it was a squeaky toy hammer dog toy) and that she would be at church at 8:00 a.m. in Sunday to help bake the (now four loaves of) bread for pre-service and worship. YIPPEE! Last time, I had to bake all of them myself. Thank you Beth.

Had to run home and pick up the bolt of black material and several others to work with on stage.
Left it at home this morning. YIPES!
Finished setting up the set this morning.

Learned how to put the backseats down in my new Ford Escape. Thank you Hunter.

Had to go find baskets. So after we left the church, I made a list of places to hit to find baskets. Walmart and Dollar Store. On my way to Walmart, I decided to quickly check in World Market. They have my favorite cookie and I felt I deserved a treat.
Wow! They had lots of stuff marked down to 50% off. I was able to find 4 nice sized baskets (could hold two loaves of cinnamon bread).
Bought them and my cookies. Invited the cashier to church (she asked why I was buying the baskets, I explained about the baking bread tomorrow) Ate a cookie. YIPPEE! Thank you God.

Then I went to the Party Store (first stop) to try and find a flashing Birthday Girl button to my character to wear in the week 4 drama. Found one. YIPPEE! I am ahead for two weeks out.

Got home. Unloaded my car.

Write on my blog about tomorrows service. Get out my things to do list (on my laptop). My battery dies. Not, too bad. Just plug it in. Start compiling the bags of stuff I need to take with me to church at 7:30 a.m. Small list today:
Extra bread mix, bowls, oil, measuring cup, big thermos with hot water, cinnamon and sugar, potholders, napkins, rubber spatula, wooden spoon.
Don’t forget my Bible.

Chat with one of the p’s in the Pod. :^)

Start making the bread. Bread is rising. Good. Stove stops working. YIPES! my hisband is at work, so I call our border (he lives in an apartment in our back yard). He comes and finds the tripped circuit breaker. YIPPEE! Thank you Bill.
Go to check on bread…the stove isn’t working again. You have got to be kidding me! YIPES!
“Bill, may I bake the bread in your oven?” He gets a piece of freshly baked cinnamon, brown sugar and walnut bread when it comes out of the oven. YUMMY! Thank you Bill again.
Well, it is 7:30, the bread is baking…
I’m going to set two alarm clocks tonight, just in case the power goes out.
MERCY! It's 8:00 the bread is done and it is unbelievably YUMMY! Come over and have a piece. We will see what the rest of the day brings. I love the body of Christ.

Have a great day!

What was your day like?


Viqui Dill said...

I had an awesome day, too.

While Jim slept late, I had some moments of quality time with Keith. Hunting season is finally over and I have a husband again. Yay.

I put on a really cute outfit with my favorite Lucky jeans, my favorite Crocs shoes with the fur lining, my Va Tech Maroon Effect 08 long sleeved t-shirt, with Jim's hoodie from Millbrook High School, XXL and fuzzy inside. I like wearing other people's clothing and pretend they are hugging me as I wear it.

I start watching a chick flick, "The Women," and it's great. Keith watches it with me for some reason. Usually he falls asleep when I watch a movie. Love those chick flicks.

At 11 am, I decide that I want Jim to get up and interact with me so I make french toast and lots of noise. 11 am. That's Jim's breakfast time and Keith's lunch time. Both of them smiled and felt special. Yay.

It's snowing in New Jersey so I cancel my weekend plans with my brother (sad boo) and call Becca to see if I can go to a baby shower I originally turned down. Becca says yes of course. So I put on a Va Tech mommy outfit, removing my big fuzzy Millbrook hoody and adding my bright orange fuzzy crocheted scarf I made myself, and a maroon Jean jacket. I look cute, I can tell, because Jim rolls his eyes when he sees my costume.

The baby shower is fun. We chat and eat and open presents. Then we lay hands on Leigha, the mommy of honor, and pray for her. No singing today at this shower *sniff*. No silly games, either, yay!

Now I'm home and we're eating the stuff I want to get out of the fridge before Jim goes back to school: homemade mashed potatoes made with the other half of the sack of potatoes I bought for Christmas dinner with 2 sticks of butter, and spiral cut ham my company gave each one of us in December. Mmmm. Comfort foods and good smells in the kitchen.

Then I read a blog from my poochie friend Dorothy and I know my life is really good and God is good to me.

Now let's find out who else had a good day like me and Dorothy?

dorothy (vicar of vibe) said...

YIPPEE! It's smoochie...
What a wonderful day you had.
The rolling of the eyes from the "college man" affirming your cuteness...cracks me up!
Love you bunches and miss you.

Oh, and when I woke up this morning, I realized I need a white stone as a prop this morning for worship...
I am going to txt (Ethan) via Dave and ask if I may borrow his white stone.