Friday, January 23, 2009

attention to detail...

O.k., there are six students.

Six white shirts and six black shirts. There are two basketballs and they are passing them back and forth. Your task is to counts the number of times the basketball is passed, in one minute-between the white shirted students only. Number of passes, they are going to be moving around, so it's a little complex. Turns out there is a gender difference on attention to this type of detail with a lot of action going on.

So click and count the passes...

O.k., now you've seen it.

We are getting ready to have our fuZe (creative) team retreat in a week or so. This is just the leadership team and we will be training and building the team. We will be focusing some on personalities types and how personality impacts working with others. Should be interesting.

Now, I am an I suggested we could use beanie babies for our training to our retriever/lion trainer. She really liked the idea. It should be interesting.

Hopefully this will get people's attention. Since sometimes, because of our personality types we develop attention blindness when we are dealing with others and their personality types.

so the only way to force this line dwon is to fake text. ugh Do you know which animal represents your personality type?

Honestly, did you see the gorilla the first time around?


Viqui Dill said...

Welcome to otter city, my other otter friend! We love to party and want the whole world to be invited.

<3 !

dorothy (vicar of vibe) said...

Amen to that!