Saturday, January 24, 2009

Postcards from Eternity (week 4)

This week wrapped up our series. Postcards from Eternity. It was an emotionally charged day.
All four weeks we have had a running drama (sort of a cliff hanger). People literally have been making sure they here each week, just to see if Robert would ever read his postcard.
Today he did.
We have an amazing writers group and this drama was written by Jenn Wadell. I must say this piece was so annointed. She made each situation that confronted the churches in Revelation relate so well to everyday situations we live.
This shot is from our pre-service.

Worship Set 1
Be Glorified
Mighty To Save

Welcome & Greet- we just hired a new pastor on staff. Chris Campbell did our W & G.

Focus on Small Groups - Creative Team (Yippee!)
I will be sharing the video we created that highlighted several of the creative elements we produced this year this Thursday at creative fuZion. It was really cool for me to see, since I spent most of my time behind the scenes (literally) to execute these elements and it was the first time I got to "see" what each element looked. Wow!

Worship Set 2
I Refuse to Be Denied
Breathe (back into I Refuse to Be Denied)

DRAMA - Postcards from Eternity: (Script) Part 7

Message: Postcards from Eternity
Laodicea: (Throne)

Worship Set 3
Today we challenged the lukewarm.
I forgot to mention that this last week was our 4th anniversary as a church!
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steff said...

You guys did two songs that we did this weekend! We did "Mighty to Save" on Saturday Night and "Overcome" on Sunday Morning. Two great songs!
Love the idea on your Postcards drama.

Jennifer said...

Mighty To Save just keeps coming up... We will be intro-ing it in Feb, and our team is really excited to do it. I hope the congregation loves it as much as we do.

I love the idea behind your skit - it sound like something that would keep people yearning to hear the end of it.

Have a great week!

thefirstthought said...

Your skit sounds awesome! Great set too.