Sunday, January 4, 2009

postcards from eternity...

Postcards from Eternity (week 1)
Set Lists

Worship Set 1
All Bow Down

Welcome & Greet

Worship Set 2
I Will Bow
Your Love, oh Lord

Drama-Postcards from Eternity: Scene 1
(see details of how it all relates together)

Worship Set 3
Your Unfailing love

Message 1: Postcards from Eternity
Ephesus: (Park w/ tree): representation prop was an apple (the goodness of being able to eat from the tree of life). Ephesus is counseled to find their passion again. So were we.

Drama-Postcards from Eternity: Scene 2
(see details of how it all relates together)

Message 2: Postcards from Eternity
Smyrna: (Firehouse): representation prop is fire. Illusionist’s flash paper and/or fire extinguisher. We are promised we will not be hurt (we will be protected) at all by the second death.

Worship Set 4

This will rate as one the very top worship experiences for me. I love it when all the pieces (elements) weave together to create a seamless service. From start to finish everything was branded and just fell into place. The message was astounding!
This is a four week series teaching through the letters to seven churches in Revelation.
Seven mini-sermons, seven mini-dramas, seven stage sets, seven lamp stands.
The mini-dramas revolve around various family members each receiving a postcard from the patriarch, who recently died. He is giving counsel on various issues in each person’s life.
Each scene in the drama corresponds with the message given to each church in Revelation.
Check back Thursday for the details of the set design.
Now I am off to a new worship experience we are starting each first Sunday evening of the month called the Deep. Where we are stepping into a deeper worship experience. Looking forward to this...

Everyone is welcome to come back on Thursday and share whatever creative elements that spark your passion that have been designed for your church at the new blog carnival “creative fuZion” on Thursdays. I started the fuZion because I have really missed being able to share (at Creative Chaos) the other elements that are being created each week at my church. More importantly I have missed what hearing what others are doing. Please join me.

Do you/have you ever shared the other creative elements that are designed by your church?

This is being shared at Fred McKinnon's blog carnival Sunday Set List each Sunday. There is so much to learn from all these wonderful worship leader and participants from across the world.


Anonymous said...

Deeper worship. I've been advocating this concept for a long time, but have been running up against a strong complacency attitude. Thanks for using that phrase. It's encouraging to me that it's the right direction to head.

dorothy (vicar of vibe) said...

I feel you.
Been in that place. We've been working towards it for almost a year now. And it still has to be a seperate service.
Kind of like when traditional churches tried to add on a contemporary service. Tough to do. Thankfully all of our leadership is behind it and will participate.

Louise Knight said...

Looking forward to hearing about deeper worship. Completely agree about when all the elements of worship work together to point to the Father and there are no distractions. Great stuff.

I love that you are all so involved in the services...and there's planning.

Steff said...

Overcome is a favorite of our church! It is one of those songs you could just sing all day.
Sounds like you had a beautiful service with lots of great creative elements.

Steff said...

By the way........
The deeper worship service sounds great! I want to come :)

dorothy (vicar of vibe) said...

@ Louise: I will be posting on "the Deep" it later.
I so enjoy our budding relationship.
@Steff: Yes, "Overcome" really rocked it out and fit so perfectly with the end of our message.