Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sunday Set List //38// He has Risen!!!

Since last Sunday we did a Tenebrae service (from Light to Darkness); today's service went from Darkness (Mourning) to Light (Celebration) in four parts. More details on creative fuZion lab on Thursday. It was unlike any Easter service I've ever been to.

Rehearsal/run through this morning had loads of glitches. But during our pre-service time of pray, we turned it all over to God (as we always do) and man, today rocked! Loads of new people showed up, even had to go with overflow seating.

But best of all, God was moving. People really singing, crying, cheering! People were glowing when they left!

Instrumental Opener
Pride (In the Name of Love) U2

Worship Set 1
Our Love is Loud
Amazing Love
I Will Praise Him
(a wonderful song written by and sung by the Kids)

Welcome & Greet

Definition #1: Mourning - Drama#1- Mourning
Deliver Me (ended with Jesus, Jesus, How I Love Him chorus)

Message # 1


Definition #2: Confusion - Drama #2 - Confusion
Message # 2:

Definition #3: Hope - Drama #3 - Hope
Message # 3


Definition #4 - Celebration - Drama # 4 - Celebration

Dramatic Reading of "Resurrection" (Amena Brown) (Hosanna instrumental playing)

Worship Set 2
Better is One Day/Amazing Grace

I pray for each and every one of you - that your heart be completely filled with joy and amazement of the glory of the Resurrection!

This is a small part of the wonderful group that serve as worshippers and worship leaders at Sunday Set Lists on Fred McKinnon's blog.


Jim Drake said...

Wow Dorothy--lots of creativity. I praise God that you have such freedom to do that.

Thanks for all of your hard work for the Kingdom... it is not unnoticed.

Justin said...

I'll second that on Jim's comment. lots of creativity- loving that. :)

You are too cool!
Great songs.

Russ Hutto said...

Yes, what a creative service! Love it! Thanks for sharing! Happy Easter!

Anonymous said...

To continue the creativity praise...I love the freedom you have Dorothy.

And I know I say that everytime I comment here anyway...

God bless your ministry !

Michael, Trisha, Grace, and Anna said...

Sounds like you had an awesome service! great set list! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Was this at your church? Like Big Church? Holy crappers! Where are you because I'm moving! Pride (in the Name of Love) opener! Awesome.
I love Amena Brown, she just gives me chills. I've been able to work in her stuff at our church for pre-ludes and offertories and such. Great stuff here!

And just for clarification: Deliver Me? The Crowder tune? Please don't say yes because if so then do you have an opening for a Youth Pastor or...anything? Hahahaha.
In all seriousness, consider yourself added to my Greader and blogroll!

Jennifer said...

Sounds like an amazing service! Between opening with U2 & the Amena Brown, and the progression from darkness to light - wow. I would love to have been a part of that service!

ellen said...

I love the idea of using "deliver Me" at the darkness portion of your Easter service... very moving I'm sure!

steff said...

Your stage design looks great! God has really gifted you with awesome creativity.