Thursday, April 30, 2009

creative fuZion lab//17// killing the rose...

Welcome to "creative fuZion lab" at designing for Philistines (on Thursdays)...
Once upon a time there was a blog kingdom where freaky creatives could share the chaos created in their minds for THE Kingdom. Sadly, it went away.Yet the creative minds keep blogging.
Now there is a place to share all those creative elements again at the creative fuZion lab on Thursdays.
So here’s what you do…
1. Each Thursday YOU post on your blog on whatever creative church element sparks your passion.
2. In your blog, link back to this weeks specific creative fuZion lab.
3. Then post the link to your particular post at the NEW Mr. Linky below.
4. Then come back and comment. If you don’t blog yet, still feel free to share your idea in the comments.
5. Then off you go. Go visit other people’s ideas, comment and share.
6. Ready to begin? Here we go. Let the creative fuZion begin.
Spread the Word.
Dorothy (vicar of vibe)

We've been doing a 4 week mini series entitled "The Full Gospel". It's really focusing on the details of turning your life over to Christ.
This vid was created by our Bill Hombach. Who wrote the poem, drew the artwork and filmed the vid. The music underscoring the vid was played by Brian Smith (cello) during our Tenebrae service.

Killing The Rose from CrossCurrent Ministries on Vimeo
The creative team didn't plan this series, so I've been playing with some conceptual ideas I've had for staging.
This is mimicking a throne canopy; hung with gaffers and safety pinned to the back curtain.

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Anonymous said...

I'd love to incorporate some ideas from you creative people into our worship service. I hope that the fuZion lab gets lots of activity.