Wednesday, April 22, 2009

creative fuZion lab //14// He has Risen!

Welcome to "creative fuZion lab" at designing for Philistines (on Thursdays)...
This is a place to share any type of creative element that is designed for the weekend worship experience or dreams of future ideas.
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Let the creative fuZion begin.
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Dorothy (vicar of vibe)

For Easter the last two years we have been focusing on the fact that the people that may attend church only on the big holidays; and wind up seeing the same thing, over and over again. With that in mind we try really hard to not give them the same thing that they see every year and balance that with creating something that reflects who we really are every Sunday.

Styling the stage: Actually the stage design was very simple.
We started with the cross image created the previous week of the cross draped in black cloth strips (indications of our sins that we all draped over the cross on Palm Sunday), with during the Amena Brown dramatic reading-the black cloth (our sin) was ripped off of the cross to reveal the cross draped in white and purple.
People had really related to the cross element the previous week. And we had multiple people talk to us about the power of seeing their sins wiped away.

The purple panels were simply beautiful cloth I found at Wal-Mart. What was really cool, when we hung the panels up, crosses were revealed in between the panels. People thought I planned it that way. lol. Wasn’t planned this time, just God.

The previous Sunday we did a Tenebrae service (from Light to Darkness); for Resurrection Sunday we went from:
Darkness (Mourning)
Hope and
Light (Celebration)
in four parts. This was wrapped around a four part drama based on the story on the road to Emmaus. In between we had mini-messages.

Instrumental Opener "Pride" (In the Name of Love) U2Personally I like when we use a secular song that fits the message. It’s a connection that people are able to relate to from their own world.

At the beginning of the Celebration portion of the service we had a dramatic reading of "Resurrection" (Amena Brown) with "Hosanna" instrumental playing in the background. It was during this time that the black cloth was stripped away from the cross revealing the purple and white.

For the order of service see
Sunday Set list 38 He has Risen!

We do what we do because we love it. Long hours, often without recognition, especially if you are working in what I call the "silent ministries". The ministries where basically no one knows who you are. We know that isn't the reason we do what we do. What I want you to know, is that YOU do make a difference! Keep doing what you do!

Are you excited about an upcoming element?

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Andrew said...

U2 preludes are fun and challenging to pull off! Thanks for sharing about your service!