Thursday, January 19, 2012

some "free" stuff for worship media...

For those of you who remember...PowerPoint in worship or are just getting started using projected media in worship: we need to remember that there are churches all along the spectrum.
So I have been thinking of in the beginning; of being in transition from hymnals to projections.

Here are just a few great resources for various types of media. Both free and for purchase. If you sign-up for e-mails, some of the paid sites will occasionally send "free" media to use. There is a lot out there that people are willing to share.
We have had amazing results recently with simply asking creators/designers of various videos that are posted on You Tube and Vimeo, if we could use their work in our worship service. They have been very accommodating. Remember to always ask for permission, for it is their work.

Here are just a few basic Graphic and Font Guidelines for media
So from static graphics to loops and videos, there is a plethora of media available to you.

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