Friday, January 6, 2012

I have an idea...

Sometimes an idea is simply that, an idea. But, often in creative team, when I say “I have an idea”, what I really mean is I see the ENTIRE creative element piece in my mind.
The SHOUT creative movement piece was one of those full blown ideas.

Well, anyway I have idea for next Christmas. Especially since Christmas actually falls on a Sunday next year.

The idea started at a dinner for the leadership: Campbell asked a question for us to discuss at each table: “which person from the Christmas story do you identify with and why?”
Then he gave a short message was on how important telling "stories" are.
Stories connect us to each other.
Then, the next morning I saw this video from Igniter Media “A Social Network Christmas”

So for next year I was thinking....
Start with the video…

Then creating short vignettes about each person in the story of the birth of Christ. Either live and/or videos.
Work with the pastors as to what each person would be feeling.

Zechariah -
Elizabeth -
Mary - with a photo montage of pictures of a 12 year old girls - when you really think about her being around 12 years old and seeing then seeing 12 year olds - it feels very different. (Thanks to Mark Driscoll for that thought) @20:01-23:51 It is really worth it to see this.
Joseph -
Shepard(s) -
An animal -

Ending with the reading of the STORY of the nativity…
Staging would center around our wonderful stable.

Maybe a take-away…

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dorothy (vicar of vibe) said...

The interesting thing is, this post was originally created early in 2011, and we wound up using several of the same elements, which were all suggested by other people.