Sunday, January 15, 2012

love God, not kidney stones...

I love our worship leaders! This week was part 2 in our series of “love God, love others, serve the world”... The message today was “love God” and our worship sets really highlighted the message.

Worship Set 1
Our Love is Loud

Worship Set 2
Our God
Revelation Song
Only You
Message: love God...

Worship Set 3

We will be focusing a lot on this series, which is also our purpose statement at XC. Our banners arrived this week. Printed on foam core. Looked really nice.

O.k. Got the love God; but kidney stones? Yup! I have been battling kidney stones for awhile. Got the stage all set up, but then I had to leave because of the stones. (sadness).

This is being posted as part of Sunday Set Lists @ the Worship Community. See what people are singing today across the nation.


Rob said...

Hey Dorothy, great to see what you guys are doing. So sorry to hear about the kidney stones. God Bless, Rob Still

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear about your kidney stones. I pray that they will be gone soon!

Marcus Lynn said...

Way to persevere despite the painful circumstances. Praying you have a healthy week.