Thursday, May 7, 2009

creative fuZion lab //18// new ways of thinking

Welcome to "creative fuZion lab" at designing for Philistines (on Thursdays)...
Once upon a time there was a blog kingdom where freaky creatives could share the chaos created in their minds for THE Kingdom. Sadly, it went away.
Yet the creative minds keep blogging.
Now there is a place to share all those creative elements again at the creative fuZion lab on Thursdays.So here’s what you do…
1. Each Thursday YOU post on your blog on whatever creative church element sparks your passion.
2. In your blog, link back to this weeks specific creative fuZion lab.
3. Then post the link to your particular post at the NEW Mr. Linky below.
4. Then come back and comment. If you don’t blog yet, still feel free to share your idea in the comments.
5. Then off you go. Go visit other people’s ideas, comment and share.
6. Ready to begin? Here we go. Let the creative fuZion begin.
Spread the Word.
Dorothy (vicar of vibe)

I have been quite taken by

They do absolutely amazing things with projections. I've been dreaming about this concept for many months and playing around with a small projector I have.
Our first attempt was in August last year. We projected a motion loop of clouds floating.

This week we projected a stained glass image on the back curtain.
The pictures I took turned out really bad. But it
will give you the idea. It actually turned out really nice.

We are talking now how to utilize two or three projectors to be able to project a much larger image across a larger space.

This is actually really fun. I'm looking forward to exploring the possibilities.

Next, my family has asked me to stop climbing on ladders. Several things have happened to me
recently and they are concerned for my safety.
So this adds a new dimension for planning the stage designs.

Either not hang cloth or have someone else

climbing the ladders. I've been asking God what He thinks I should do now...

This idea hit me this weekend. We opened the back curtains. Then attached cloth (with safety pins) on the the rope (that opens and closes the curtains) and then closed the curtains, which
raise the cloth up like a flag on a flag pole. It took a couple of times to get the placement correct,
but it worked extremely well.
Then we stretched the cloth across the stage.
I'm sure other ideas are going to come up.

So, over all this is what our stage design looked like this week. it actually was really interesting and fun to do. Oh, I forgot to mention that the picture of Jesus is covering up the proctor and computer.
It's been a tough week. With people being a little judgemental, not about the designs but about what our creative team does and how (often) we do it. It was odd and hurtful. But, I realized if I am the only person doing this for how ever long, I'm really fine with it. But I have very committed people from our creative team that step in to help now. We are all at a point in our journey where we are eager to serve, which comes from the overflow of our relationship with God. And you know it's always been true 20% of the people do 80% of the work.

Now I am going to work for the next day or two on a tree for this weekend. Ha, ha!

Do you have any new concepts you are working with?
Now it's your turn.

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