Thursday, May 28, 2009

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Welcome to "creative fuZion lab" at designing for Philistines (on Thursdays)...
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This is the place to share whatever creative element you are using in your weekend service or just something you have been dreaming about. Come and see what others are doing, come and share what you are doing. Let's spark each other's creativity...
So here’s what you do…
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6. Ready to begin? Here we go. Let the creative fuZion begin.
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Dorothy (vicar of vibe)

Words completely failed me when I was trying to explain this weekend's worship experience. We have been focusing on "seeking God". And the design plan was setting up various worship stations. 6 stations: A prayer wall, pillows to lie before the cross, communion station, journaling and reading station, an art station and a meditation station with votive lights.
Simple thought, simple plan.
But this weekend was much more than that. A lot of it centered around the devotion that we had on Saturday and the bouncing ball challenge...
Sometimes words can not explain the power of what has happened…
I think that is what was blowing me away.
Story #1
We have had a prayer wall (replicating the wailing wall in Jerusalem) for many years.
That was one of the stations this weekend. People were invited to come and write prayers and/or take a prayer from the wall and pray for it.
O.k. are you ready for this?
Someone brought his neighbor to Cross Current. He is a practicing man of the Jewish faith. First time in a “Christian” church.
He was absolutely amazed, he recognized the prayer wall immediately and actually went forward and participated at the wall…
After he left he was telling his friends that this was something special, he had no idea that this is what “church” was like…
Story #2
At the art station during worship there was a very young girl (probably about 5 years old) who spent 20 minutes drawing an offering to God. It took my breath away.
These are just two examples of the feeling this weekend, the spirit of God was palatable this weekend.
When was the last time that God was palatable in worship for you?
Your turn, please share some creative elements from your worship.

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