Monday, May 25, 2009

Sunday Set List// I am at a loss...

Words are completely failing me to describe this weekend's worship experience...

I am still working on it and will have to post later this week.

All I am able to say at this point is that God is
the most amazing thing that we have in our loves and He faithfully shows up, expecially when we carve out time for Him.

Worship Set 1
The Time Has Come

Fields of Grace

Message 1

Worship Set 2

Message 2

Worship Set 3
Heart of Worship
I Surrender

Bridge message:

Worship Set 4
All Creature of Our God and King

Take time to step into God this week...seriously!

Join us at Sunday Set list at Fred McKinnon's blog.


Anonymous said...

Thoughts and words escape my mind
My heart cries out to You

I'm looking forward to the update later. Anything with the Doxology capping it off must have been great.

ellen said...

I am intrigued by the picture you posted...

Anonymous said...

Great set. I too am intrigued by your photo. John 8:31-32 was the verse that resounded in my head all week -

dorothy (vicar of vibe) said...

I actually design (enhance) our stage and create experiential worship elements. Feel free to come back on Thursday when I do creative fuZion lab.
I am also starting to post some on my thoughts.

steff said...

You're back!
I agree with dennarr very interesting photo. I'll have to check back in on Thursday and see what it's all about :).