Tuesday, May 26, 2009

bouncing ball...

This journey is going to bounce around...(no pun intended originally). Mostly because I am unable to think linearly about this process...
I appreciate the way we schedule our set-ups and practices at XC. We do a Saturday set-up and practice because we are a mobile church whose venue is a local junior high school. Each week we come in and set up from the ground up. I was producing for this weekend's experience. One of the responsibilities for the producer is to conduct a devotional time. Devotions are normally a reading and prayer.

So Friday at work, I literally just found a random ball laying on the ground. I bounced it...
and it EXPLODED in a kaleidoscope of flashing colors...
In that very instant God exploded in my brain...

"these are distractions in your life,
this is what is keeping you away from time with Me... "

This is what the devotional time was to be about.
When we are in service to God, we spend so much of our time creating experiences that usher people into the presence of God.

Who is more important "them", us or God? We know the answer.

So Saturday, I gathered everyone and bounced the challenge ball...
Played a worship music (on the computer, so that our worship team would be able to participate) and challenged everyone to just STOP and BE with God.

The experiential design for this weekend was various types of worship stations. (More on creative fuZion lab tomorrow about the stations)

We all just stopped and waited on the Lord.

Today, again I challenge you to STOP.

This was what we played on Saturday. It's an older song. Just listen. Take time, take time, take time...and be swept away into His presence.

I ask you what are your distractions? What are you going to do about it?
(and, yes the ball in these photos is THE ball I found)

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