Wednesday, May 13, 2009

creative fuZion lab // 19 // In the Middle of the Garden...

Welcome to "creative fuZion lab" at designing for Philistines (on Thursdays)...
This is the blog kingdom where freaky creatives are able to share the chaos created in their minds for THE Kingdom.
This is the place to share whatever creative element you are using in your weekend service or just something you have been dreaming about. Come and see what others are doing, come and share what you are doing. Let's spark each other's creativity...
So here’s what you do…
1. Each Thursday YOU post on your blog on whatever creative church element sparks your passion.
2. In your blog, link back to this weeks specific creative fuZion lab.
3. Then post the link to your particular post at the NEW Mr. Linky below.
4. Then come back and comment. If you don’t blog yet, still feel free to share your idea in the comments.
5. Then off you go. Go visit other people’s ideas, comment and share.
6. Ready to begin? Here we go. Let the creative fuZion begin.
Spread the Word.
Dorothy (vicar of vibe)

This was one of those flat out fun weeks.

We had a drama sketch entitled "In the Middle of the Garden" script written by our own Mark MacDicken, who leads our drama team. Mark also played the serpent and Eve was portrayed by the ever so lovely and talented Ashley Choyce.
Take a minute to read the script. It was hilarious! Especially the ending...
The staging was a tree and a bush. You know, typical garden of Eden setting.
The tree was made with live cuttings from a hedge in my yard and was attached by plastic cuff ties to our cross.
The "bush" was a stage flat covered with dark green material gathered up in multiple spots with safety pins.
The serpent puppet was made by hand by Mark MacDicken (again). Seriously, look at the detail. It's wonderful. I hope to have the video of the sketch up soon.
I tell you, one of the things that I really appreciate about our creative teams; we do this week in and week out. We really LOVE what we do and feel blessed that we "get to" serve. It's a hard concept for some people to fathom. But it's one of those things "if you don't get it, you don't get it". You either truly love serving or you are a poser.
My question for you this week: Do you LOVE what you are doing? Or are you a poser? Why or what not?
Now it's your turn to share. Tell me something that you are excited about creatively...

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