Thursday, November 4, 2010


Here is the story...

I haven't abandoned blogging about stage designs. Sadly, the photos of the last week's stage design done - got eaten up by a boogie monster in Picasa.
We are currently in a mini series entitled Law & Order. If you want to see the stage follow this link to the podcast, you will be able to see it behind the pastor)

So there will be more to come. We have some really interesting ideas coming up, particularly this Sunday. So stay tuned...

Here just because I like to add pictures - here is a random picture of "ducky"

In between posting about stage designs, I am writing about projects that I am doing for the children I am watching during my daughter-in-law's Bible study on Thursdays. Some of what you are hearing in these projects are elements that were rejected by the fuZe creative team (the team that designs the elements for the main weekend experience)

For example-the 10 Plagues game I did with the children, was based on a take-away suggested for the main service. Since I do the experiential elements, I nixed this one for main service.
Too expensive to expand that idea for 200-250 people & I really didn't feel it would have the impact desired. Just would have been cute and then people would have thrown them away.
Unlike the Tenebrae service where we gave out, a nail and a strip of black cloth.
Or a piece of rope we handed out to represent an eternal time of God.
People still carry those around.

I particularly appreciate those of you who follow my designing for
I continue to design stage and experiential elements that
entice the skeptic,
challenge the lukewarm &
ignite passion in the believer (to go into the world)

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