Tuesday, November 9, 2010

quail coming out your nose (pt. 2)...

It's always interesting how to get a story across, the whole story, but in a kid friendly way.

The perfect example is this week. We are studying the book of Numbers. The story this week is all about the Israelites grumbling and complaining SO much about the manna, that God is not happy with them at all. So much so, that He gives them SO much quail that it is threatened that it will come out of their noses! It's in there. Seriously.

This little Bible has been very helpful in reading the various stories each week. Each week we read the story.

Next is "Larry" the puppet. I love "Larry". He has such a great personality. I was going to introduce him this week. But decided that he needed to be introduced to the family, before I introduced him to the little Bible study.

We talked about our favorite food and foods that are not our favorites. We decided that even eating our favorite food only, for just a week wouldn't be a lot of fun. We talked about the quail, and it coming out our noses!
Then, we acted out the manna falling during the night scenario. The children laid down on a blanket and pretended to be sleeping (while playing "Face Down" on cd); while this was going on I sprinkled the rose petals all over them to show them how the manna fell during the night
while they slept. Then we "woke" up and exclaimed "What is this?" (that is what the word manna means). It was very cute, they really got into playing their parts of the Isrealites, picking up the manna with awe and proclaiming it was a miracle. We learned about how they were only were to gather enough for one day (we put it in our pockets) or it would turn into "yucky" stuff. I wasn't going to go into maggots.
Then we talked more about the grumbling and complaining.

Our snack this week was a much healthier version of "Frosted Flakes" from our Sunday element. More like a Kashi flakes.

Last, but not least...
As we go along, I am making the books of the Bible out of cereal (and other types of) boxes. I'm am introducing them slowly as we tell the stories from the book. It's then sort of like a game/puzzle where they will be able to sort and match them in order. Though we haven't hit Deuteronomy yet, I will show them how the first five books of the Bible are considered books of the "LAW". That is what the folder/label thingie is for.

I think the coolest thing for me is at the beginning I would have them just play, while I got things readied. After the first week, they have started asking each week after a couple of minutes, if we could just do the lesson first. So cute. i thnk they truly enjoy learning each week!

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