Monday, November 22, 2010

worship & justice…

XC’s mission statement is: love God, love others, serve the world…
No bells & whistles. No flashing lights. For me, this is the most exciting pictures of the stage design this week. But these blank boards show you the heart of the people that make up XC Ministries.
We like to offer Missional challenges at XC.

While were we planning the details for our Missional Sunday - We were looking at various organizations that need help & then to challenge the members to serve. Then we received a last minute request from a local elementary school. They have 86+ children that don’t have coats, shoes, clothes, socks or underwear…can you imagine?

This is a big challenge for us. We usually run about 180 in attendance and there were about 300 cards for the various items need. One cool note: some of the members of our creative team are already purchasing items needed.

In addition, our older FLIPT kids (children’s ministry) is taking on the challenge of providing all the socks needed!

So the set design this week is various pieces of clothing for the children and four boards, with all of the requests cards attached (269 cards left). We started out by hanging some of the articles of clothing; nixed that - looked like invisible children hanging in the air. Oh, well.
Then we simply displayed the items on tables in front of the stage-with the request boards standing next to the tables.

11/21/10 – Deuteronomy (Part 2): "Missional Emphasis / Injustice"

Worship Set 1
Instrumental Opener (Call to Worship) Our Love is Loud
Everlasting God

W/G & Announcements – FLIPT Out

Worship Set 2 (challenge element package)
Precious Jesus
I Heart Revolution clips interwoven throughout second worship set
Tear Down the Walls

Message – Great message on Deuteronomy, talking about God’s heart and telling us to take care of the poor, the widowed and the orphaned.

Challenge Bridge: for Hutchinson Elementary – explaining the need at the school.We are giving the congregation two weeks to purchase items.
Challenge Bridge: w/ Beans & Rice Challenge
This is the standard challenge to see what most of the world eats for dinner. We have individual packages of beans and rice for people to take home and have for dinner that night.(Congregation to pick up cards off of the boards, at front of auditorium & collect their beans & rice at the back doors).

Worship Set 3
Mighty to Save

At the end-ALL the cards were taken. People took the cards off of the display (things that had already been purchased) Several came and offered money (which we will use for additional needs for Hutchison). And we handed out about an additional 50 cards for more underwear.
I tell you what-I love the people of this church!
Hutchinson Needs…
86 pairs of shoes
38 coats
17 sweat suits for girls
18 sweat suits for boys
55 pkgs of underwear for girls
55 pkgs of underwear for boys

This is one of the reason I love CrossCurrent!
Our last challenge was a backpack collection: The middle school where me meet, ask for help in collecting backpacks that were needed for children attending the school.
The challenge was issued at the end of the service. The drop off was 4:00 p.m. the same day. Here are the results and we met the goal!

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