Wednesday, November 17, 2010

good element-poor execution…

Ugh! Sometimes that just happens.
The experiential element designed for this week, had some issues with execution.

Shema is the scripture (Deut. 6:4-9), that starts with...
Hear, O Israel, the LORD is our G-d, the LORD is one...
תרגם: שמע ישיר ישראל, ה 'אלוהינו; ה' אחד
The Shema is the prayer.
The mezuzah is the piece of parchment with the Shema inscribed on it.

This week we were in Deuteronomy.
The message focused on teaching the future generations...
For the experiential element, we made a replica of the mezuzah and during the service, we invited people go to various stations and pick the replica to take home with them.
We also had a brochure for further explanation.

Well, some got it and others did not.

The stage design was a representation of the traditional receptacle that the mezuzah is place in. It is box placed on the door jam of traditional Jewish homes.

Lessons Learned:
- Remember that a lot people don’t listen (during instruction).
- Really thinking the element all the way through. We (the creative team) knew all the ends and outs of what we were doing (or some of us did). It didn’t translate well enough to the whole congregation.
- Must remember to keep everything at the simplest level. Remember the 5 W’s & 1 H (who, what, where, when, why and how)
- Some people only picked up one piece and not the other (an explanation brochure). When explaining I only picked up one piece (the Shema scroll) and not the explanation brochure. I should have picked up BOTH pieces.
- In the last minute editing of the reading portion of the element, I probably forgot to even mention the brochure. This week it may have helped to put the two pieces of paper together in one unit, so that people would have the explanation attached. Simplify the process.
- Make sure the entire creative team sits and listens to the entire element. Remembering that most people won’t read even though the entire element is posted on our communications network.
- Didn’t bridge or tie in effectively enough into the over all message. (read last point again)

Interestingly enough, I bet I will have better luck when I do this same element with the preschoolers this Thursday. LOL

Well, we get a chance to redeem ourselves this week-we have two take-way challenges. And thankfully, I don’t have to bridge the pieces. Let’s see if we learn from our mistakes.

Now I need to go to Michael's and pick up adhesives dots to create one of the take-way challenge (collections of new clothing items for a local elementary school in GREAT need) for this week. BIG project – BIG need! Stay tuned for details.

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