Tuesday, May 24, 2011

complete idiot’s guide to fishing line = fiasco

Or literally “oh, snap”.
Most every stage design at XC is created with fishing line, griff clips or safety pins. These are our basic tools.
This week (Isaiah) I asked my husband if I could have “some” fishing line. What he gave me was .009 in. line, which I assume is fly line (use to create fishing lure flies). Well, what I failed to mention was that I needed a heavy test (weight) line. Generally I use 200 lb. plus in stage designing. My bad. Did some shuffling, people were contacted (thank you to some of the manly men at church) and still didn't get what I needed on time.
So the “diagonal” portions of the design didn’t go up this week.
This is what the stage looked like this week.

The lamps and red end tables are from Ikea.
The diagonal pieces are items I got from Starbucks. What you see mid-way in the slide show is from a design last year. They will be used this coming week.

We are in Isaiah for three weeks. I will use variations of this set design for two more weeks.

Lesson Learned: Remember to be more detailed when asking for something.

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