Sunday, May 1, 2011

blessing of thorns...

A giant stem of a rose, hanging all by itself at the back of the stage and the actually flower of the rose hanging far away, drooping. You call this a blessing?
You want a massive challenge?
At CrossCurrent, we have been reading through the entire Bible in a year.
In our creative process, when we are creating elements for the message each week, we are usually planning at least six weeks out. We agreed to read ahead, keep it up and pray about what we should do for a creative element each week.
May 1st, was Psalms 135-150.
When I was reading the scriptures for this week, I was also doing a little researching online, which I frequently do. Somehow I wound up at my previous denominations website and found a story turned into a drama entitled "Blessing of Thorns"

It just seemed to speak exactly to where David's heart was when he was writing these Psalm's. We didn't so the drama, it is really more of a story built around Thanksgiving; but the thought really worked.
So, this is what I did for the stage this week.

I made a giant rose and leaves out of  red and green tissue paper. Then I took two tubes from wrapping paper, and wrapped green floral tape around then and built in large cardboard thorns along the stem.
It sounded like a simple idea, but man, implementation was lot harder than I expected.
If you care to read the story, this is the link to the pdf online: It is actually worth the read.
Oh well, live and learn.

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