Tuesday, March 2, 2010

lessons learned

This is probably poorly worded and not in enough detail. But here goes...

I’ve run into this lesson before.
Not to accept a stage design that falls outside of my skill sets.
The idea was to take a 9-12 week teaching series and link it all together with a large crossword puzzle on stage.

The intro week was “God in a Box. Intentionally Left Blank.” The stage design was a completely empty stage with only a floating box with light emanating from it.

The following week - we added the crossword puzzle. Starting with God-in-a-box and adding key words to the crossword puzzle as each week progressed.
First, when it came down to brass tacks (implementation of the crossword puzzle), I was left (the night before) with a massive project that fell way outside of my skill sets.

Second, then we had branding conflicts. This links back to the previous post. When the logo was created & chosen the stage design and logo didn’t “brand” together so the stage design didn’t make any sense.

Ugh! So for the first time, I am seriously contemplating the decision to pull the stage idea.
Now I am left with about 5-6 weeks of having no idea what is going to happen with the stage design.

On the other hand, I also resolve to learn more skills.

Lessons learned:
Sometimes you have to not hear what people are saying and recognize what they are doing (follow-through)

Key players need to be together when designing so that the integrity of the branding, design and elements all flow together.

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