Tuesday, January 26, 2010

God in a box...

The series is entitled "Intentionally Left Blank".
This first Sunday was "God in a Box".

I love making people stop and think.
The stage was "intentionally" left black, with the band set up in he auditorium this week. We actually had a visitor that said "oh, no this church doesn't have music" when she walked into the auditorium. LOL

Hanging in the middle of the stage was a cardboard box. We drilled holes in it and painted it black.
Inside was a camping lantern suspended by fishing line.
Turned on the lamp and taped up the box.

It hit the mark of "confuzzling" people. Starting with several band members on Saturday and carrying through Sunday-up until the pastor started speaking. All they had to look at was the box in the middle of the stage.
Funny, how dirty the floor looked when nothing was on stage. I brought my Swiffer and cleaned up the stage on Sunday morning. oh, the things we do...

Stay tuned, next week we start suspending a crossword puzzle on stage.
Man, I LOVE what I do...

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