Thursday, March 4, 2010

real time apps...

One of my favorite blogging pastors is Pete Wilson. His most recent post "How Not To Get Caught Having An Affair", about a new phone app out called “TigerText”. They say it’s perfect for cheating spouses, shady politicians, sexting teens, and people who send a lot of stupid texts while drunk.
It really got me thinking about real time we walk with people through life.
It's no big secret I love friending skeptics, seekers, unchurched, dechurched, pierced, tattooed disenfranchised peeps. I always tease that I don't know why, but they seem to like me too...despite being a "slightly fluffy, goofy grandmother of 5".

I thought I'd share a real time life app story.
A young (currently dechurched) lady in my world, who is living with her boyfriend, wanted to talk alone.
She prefaced the conversation with "I know you will be upset". My thoughts were all over the place with the possibility of what she was about to share.
When we finally got to sit down, she told me she had taken two pregnancy tests and thought she was pregnant. I could see the fear and pain reflected in her eyes as she was brave enough to share this bombshell.
She knows me, about my faith journey and knew in her heart where I stand on this topic. I can only imagine what she thought I was going to say.
I gently explained while this wasn't a good situation, that I still loved her no matter what and was going to be by her side the entire time.
As I asked her about what she was thinking about her options, she talked about the struggle but knew in her heart she would keep the baby. I rejoiced with her and explained that every baby is cause for rejoicing.
She was so brave. She risked judgment in sharing.
Being involved in peoples lives means being willing to "get our hands dirty" because real life is messy. I am grateful we are journeying together. I am grateful she trusted me.

Now back to Pete's blog post. While I agree this “TigerText” app is indeed we register our shock and dismay, the reality is this is the way people think in the brick & mortar and cyber world. Outside and (some) inside the church.
What captivates me IMHO is this is evidence that we need to be in the world, getting involved in people lives. A "real life app" so to speak.
I would be interested in hearing your thoughts, on how we can be involved in peoples lives and being there at crucial crossroads to actual impact their journeys.
What if Tiger had someone like you, walking with him through life's messiness? Someone who really cared about him, not his celebrity status. Someone who because of real relationship, was able to speak truth into his life.
Question: How do we walk with people, even as they are making bad choices?
How do we balance speaking the truth, while not judging?
It would also be a great hook for a message series...

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