Tuesday, March 2, 2010

creativity in our DNA...

CrossCurrent has had creativity in our DNA from our inception. We design to have some sort of a creative element each weekend.

The way that we are currently design our creative elements is we host an “open” brainstorming session.
Teaching pastors give us the synopsis for the various weekends in that quarter.
We worship and pray. Everyone then “pop-corns” ideas up on paper for the various weeks.
We highlight the ones that get the most traction (ooohhs and ahhhs).
Then at later sessions, we choose from those highlighted ideas and create our order of service.

We anticipated a learning curve.

This previous quarters brainstorming sessions has draw attention to some opportunities for modification.
IMHO the glitch is occurring when the production people from the various teams haven’t been able to attend these brainstorming sessions. Maintaining the integrity of the creative element packages gets lost in translation.

Lessons learned: All critical teams need to be in attendance, creative or not. Teaching pastors, media, lighting, sound, producers, drama, writers, dance, stage, etc. Then feed in other people that want to be able to be involved in the creative process. Since the production teams are doing the heavy lifting in the actual implementation of these ideas.

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