Sunday, August 2, 2009

retro Sunday...

Kind of a retro Sunday today. This month we are concluding a year long series the “Jesus Experiment”. So I was going retro to the stage set we did when we started the series. Here...

But the stage design kind of exploded when we were doing set up yesterday. Cool. Which is also what sort of happened in worship today.

Particularly "Hungry" was off the charts. It was done with a Fleetwood Mac feel.

Worship Set 1
Fields of Grace
Happy Day

Welcome & Greet / Announcements
Highlight - Baby Dedications (Yippee!)

Worship Set 2
Message: David Nicotra (our summer youth pastor intern gave the message today) He spoke about the responsibility of the body.

Special Song
Can Anybody Hear Her? (WoW!)

Worship Set 3
The Wonderful Cross
Happy Day

Loads of technical issues this weekend. We are seriously thinking about our worship presentation software. So many issues since we downloaded the newest version.

I also thought I’d include a vid that we did a few weeks ago, since they are never posted on Sunday. We have an awesome media and drama team.

This is church? You bet it is…

And since it is summer we get a little bit of a break and don't have to completely break down everything each week. Here is what the stage looked like when we left.

Yep, I love what I do... How about you?

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Louis Tagliaboschi said...

I love your use of cloth. I struggle with getting it to drape in real life the way I see it in my head.

Windbag said...

That was a funny skit. Hungry with a Fleetwood Mac feel...sounds pretty good. I'm always impressed by your sets and your creativity. This week is no exception. Have a great week.

steff said...

Cool set design, but then that is no surprise.

Lori Biddle said...

Love the drama and the set! Cool!

Jim Drake said...

I applaud you and your team for the effort you put into each week's service. Thanks for your service to the body of Christ!

Be blessed..and thanks for being my friend!