Wednesday, August 19, 2009

creative fuZion lab //27// learning curve...

The stage design this week was fairly simple for us; again simply using gaffer clips and safety pins. We've got this down.

The newest challenge has been playing with ways to implement additional projections during worship. This definitely doesn't fall within my skill sets. I see it visually, but I have a ton to learn about technical implementation - I am in a steep learning curve right now.
This week we projected crashing waves during one song, and a video of our baptisms during the closing song "Jesus Paid It All". These were last minute additions. The baptism images were really powerful...
Details: We are trying to figure out what to project the images on; since we aren't at a point of buying a second projection screen. One week we tried just projecting straight onto the black curtain, looked nice but not enough contrast. We also tried projecting onto a white (curtain) hung on the back curtain. I'm really not happy with the effect yet. Still thinking and I am open to suggestions.

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