Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday Set List //46// love others...

We are focusing on "love God, love others, serve the world... "

Today we laughed and worshiped.

Worship Set 1
The Time Has Come
Marvelous Light

Video - Barbie’s House II - A House Without Love (see pt. 1 below)

Worship Set 2
Your Love is Deep

Message: love others...

Worship Set 3
Till I See You/(reprise) Your Love Is Deep

This is Barbie's House Pt. 1, that we did over a year ago. We did Pt. 2 today. Really, truly, honestly it is for church. I hope to have it posted on the creative fuZion lab this Thursday.

I had the honor of producing for my first time AND running the lights for the first time (interesting combo). The greatest blessing for me is that I have been on a hard core journey recently of spending time just waiting on the Lord.

Now I am off to one of my granddaughter's birthday party. Then on to "the deep" this evening; our once a month deep worship service.

I appreciate all the worship leaders that gather and share over at Sunday Set List at Fred McKinnon's blog. Come see what others are doing in worship across the world.

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