Friday, June 19, 2009

heart's discontent...

Seven years ago at a leadership conference, my mind was arrested by this terminology. It resonated through my being.
Over the last few months, I have been found by several high school friends and acquaintances. I have found it very interesting to see how their heart’s discontent has surged in their life’s journey.
Some have committed their life to very worthy causes. Every thing from saving the earth, animal rights to helping people who are houseless.
Then there are people whose entire life still seems to center around drinking, drugging…

If we are lucky we know our heart’s discontent and we journey on the path of resolution.
This week I’ve been discussing and counseling “heart’s discontent” with several people.
I like journeying with people like this. People who recognize their life’s calling and are stepping into the path. For it takes all of us to create a better world. Each heart’s discontent melds together to create a better world.

What is your heart’s discontent? Are you pursuing this journey or are you simply skipping through your life?

Heartbeat from Noor Valibhoy on Vimeo.

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