Sunday, November 16, 2008

on the road…

I am currently on the road. My youngest brother had heart surgery on Election Day. He lives in Indianapolis and had his heart surgery at the Cleveland Clinic. I flew to Indy, picked up my mother and we drove to Cleveland for his surgery. Then we returned to take care of his three young children, until he recovered enough to come home.

Once we settled back here in Indy, I decided to visit my mother’s church, Geist Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). Well, technically not my mother’s church, but the new North Campus of their church.

I always find it very interesting to look at a church from a guest’s point of view.

Geist Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

Worship set 1
Forever (Tomlin)
Holy is the Lord (Tomlin)
Grace Flows Down/You Are My King (Christy Nockels)

Moment for Children
Pastoral Prayer and Lord’s Prayer

Offering Music (performed)
The Invitation (Steven Curtis Chapman)

Message: Casting Your Vote

Musical Response to Message (performed)
Rise Up (Zehnder)


Closing Song:
Fairest Lord Jesus (Passion Worship Band)

Geist is now one church at two locations. They expanded to a second location (North Campus) this year and it is a very successful campus launch, with 100 unique new families when they launched.
I’ll be blogging more about my impressions later this week, in between continuing to care for my brother. I am also going to try to meet their main worship leader and encourage them to participate here.

This is part of the wonderful group of people over at Sunday Set List Carnival on Fred McKinnon's blog.

Do you get a chance/like to visit other churches?


Jim Drake said...


Hope your brother is doing better.

Thanks for posting what you see other churches do. I think it's great when worship leaders can visit other places.

Steff said...

I hope your brother recovers quickly! Grace Flows Down is a beautiful song!