Sunday, January 16, 2011

how does God do that?

This week I had NO IDEA where the Chris' may be going with the message. I always find it interesting when praying, reading and preparing for the stage design to see where God leads me. This is where God led me this week.

First I was drawn to the great story about Elijah the prophet in 1st Kings 19: Elijah was waiting on the LORD in the mountain and the Lord comes to Elijah in a gentle whisper.
Then, I decided to add 1st Kings 18 when Elijah was challenging the false prophets of Ba’al.
Hopefully this reflects both.
The first two pics are what I drew out as the concept.

(fb friends link to for pics.)
I then found out on Friday, the last song was going to be “Fire Fall Down”. Perfect.

Pulled everything together. This morning when I was told what the pastor was talking about today. I got flat out excited! It was 1st Kings 18, with an emphasis on 1st Kings 19.

So everything was set up at the rear of the stage (mid stage right)
Here are the plans we had. Mostly the same as last week; grey tech cart covered with black cloth.
This week we wanted to raise it up higher.
So were thinking about adding ½ of the cover for the sound board on top of grey cart and also covering it in black.
Placing the crown on top of that.
Then hanging either purple or red satin (hopefully red, if we can find it), vertically behind it.
Then placing an oscillating fan behind the material. The hope being that the fan will billow the material and cause it to move gently, reminiscent of the fire the Lord sent and the gentle whisper.

Well, it worked. And the oscillating fan gently moved the cloth…
But, I was moved by the same still voice of God that helped me create the stage design this week.
WoW! Gotta love how God works!

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