Tuesday, January 4, 2011

before it went viral...

I know it is way early to start talking about next year (or is it?), but I had a thought for next Christmas.

It started with Campbell’s question and comments at the leadership dinner last week. (121210)
The question was, which person from the Christmas story do you identify with and why?
Then his message was on how important telling "stories" are.
Then I received this vid from Igniter Media "A Social Network Christmas" (121610). Check it out.

Perfect intro.
So for next year I was thinking about short vignettes about each person in the story of the birth of Christ. Either live and/or videos.
Who would you be…
STORY of the nativity
Work with the pastors as to what each person would be feeling.
Zechariah -
Mary - with a photo montage of pictures of a 12 year old girl - when you really think about her being about 12 and seeing 12 year olds - it feels very different. (thought came from Mark Driscoll)
Elizabeth -
Joseph -
An animal

So, we will see how this plays out for next year...

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