Saturday, October 30, 2010

my car is 9’ inside…

My car is 9’ inside from corner to corner. As you are able to see by this first photo of an 8’ x 8’ heart inside my car.

As a church we are reading through the Bible in a year. These are the first few weeks of the series and the stage designs.

Heart of Hope (Story of Abraham)
Humbled Heart (Story of Joseph)
The Seed and the Sower
Hardened Heart (Story of Pharaoh)
Misguided Heart (Story of the Golden Calf)

The hearts are simply cut from 8’ x 8’ sheet of foam and hung with fishing line and safety pins. The largest heart was cut in two pieces and taped together in the back. We change them around some each week and add additional props for each story.

The 3rd week, I added red hearts to the hearts and additional hearts and leaves strewn across the stage for the Story of the Sower.

For this last week, Misguided Heart, our stage changed to reflect an old series we did (see the stage here) because we reintroduced a character from our "Imperfect Church" video (you can see her @ 4:55) with a cool live sketch. Sadly, it didn’t get video properly. We may go back and try to video tape it again.

This is the original video for “Imperfect Church”. You really should check it out.

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