Sunday, October 4, 2009

imperfect church...

Worship was sweet this morning.
Da' band just keeps growing. We have had a mandolin playing for the last two weeks. That's right, a mandolin! Talk about rocking, especially during "How Great Thou Art". So, we have had a bit of an explosion in da' band. Amazing what prayer will do. Close to 40 people on rotation now, 6-8 worship leaders, diversity in instruments. Praying for a banjo or fiddle...
God has been adding to other weekend teams also...I just love the way God works!

Instrumental opener

Worship Set 1
Let the Praises Ring
How Great Thou Art

Welcome & Greet

Worship Set 2
From the Inside Out
Only You

Video - Alone in the Crowd
Message: imperfect relationships

Special Song- Masquerade

Time of Reflection (instrumental)
To find out more about what others are singing across the world, check out Sunday Set List at Fred McKinnon's blog.

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danieljohn said...

Wow- if you get a banjo, or a fiddle, or both, you'll have a regular bluegrass EXPLOSION! The mandolin is such a great instrument, and what a blessing to have so many to pull on - great sets too!