Thursday, May 27, 2010

like a kid in a candy store...

Out of the blue...
I've been dreaming and praying about massive projections for almost two years now. It's where huge designs are projected across an expanse of a wall or building.

I was inspired by Visual Worshiper. You should check out their gallery.

We created some really small versions of the projection concept, like clouds on the ceiling and stained glass windows, backgrounds for dramas and logos. The equipment for massive projections is just beyond our financial means. We have been working with two small projectors.
Well, God has been answering our prayers and is bringing us an influx of volunteers. Yippee!
And would you believe one of the people stepping up does this projection stuff for his job.
We will have access to borrow massive projectors for a weekend and/or rent at a substantial savings!!!
Several of the techie guys (love my media techies) have loved the concept all along. Bill shared this last nightfrom Nuformer Projections. They do 3D projections. Can you just imagine the possibilities? Watch and be amazed.
Obviously it is going to take a little time to work the details out, but I would LOVE to be able to do some spectacular massive projection at the beginning of the fall series. We are ready to rock and roll!
Thinking, thinking, thinking!
I love prayer! I LML! I love what I do!
Isn't God awesome!

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Grammy Blick said...

Just surfed by and also love prayer -- and stand in awe at the talent and imagination displayed. The possibilities at your hand to catch attention and glorify our Father simply amazes me. I shall be back to see where He leads. May God bless your ministry!