Friday, May 23, 2008

learning pyramid...

If this isn't a case for experiential worship design, I don't know what is...

This just gives teeth to why I am constantly pushing to add experiential elements into our worship design. I am not a numbers person, but these numbers are hard to deny.

In practice: I think we do well at XC with the first three levels of this pyramid. Lecture, reading and audiovisual. Though we still don't do near enough.

It's once we hit the last four levels of learning on this chart that we don't seem to hit the mark.
Some of it deals with doing design "from memory", instead of "imagination". Which seems to be constant battle.

Other thoughts are that our team doesn't have enough experience with these type of (experiential) elements and don't seem to understand the implications and increase of retention that occurs.
I am constantly aware that I speak a completely different language of ideas.
Think about the exponential implications of incorporating 5S (all 5 Senses) when reading the following comments from Steve Fridsma at archiNEXTure:

"Lets go back to the learning chart. According to the National Training Laboratory:

-People retain only 5% of what they experience in a lecture setting. What is a sermon?
-Add the reading of words on a screen - perhaps song lyrics and scripture. Maybe some sermon bullet points. That doubles retention, to 10%. Plus, the singing is at least participatory and aimed at God and gives us opportunity to reflect and listen.
-Add images, pictures, video, props, illustrations, a theme, a metaphor. We're now at 20% retention. Not too great, but still 4 times the talking head.
-Add interactive discussion and Q&A. We're now at 50% retained. Ten times the talking head.
-Add service projects - either internal or external - hands-on, interactive ministry with concrete results. 75% - 90% retained."

So, I will just keep pushing the envelope trying to add interactive/experiential elements each week...

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