Saturday, May 24, 2008

bitter coffee...

I realized some time ago that God calls me to be with his children that are tattooed, pierced and disenfranchised… It started out as unintentional for me (not Him).
I just would go and sit at Starbucks and they seemed to gather around me. Not just the baristas, but the guests also… Now I work at Starbucks.

It thrills me to no end that there are others out there that “get it”.
I see a couple other pastors that hang out also. Good people. Building real relationships, not spouting judgmental garbage.

I must say though, I keep an eye out for the “other” Christians that are not so loving… they hang out at Starbucks also. But they are serving up some bitter coffee.. They are ready to throw an “irrelevant track” in the tip jar (sorry, that may led people to believe there are relevant ones, there are not)…why do those people think that works. Ugh!

Trust me it just makes them not like you all the more…

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